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No matter how new or old your home is or how large or small the project is, EWH can help you. Projects come in many forms and sizes and we promise to commit the same quality and craftsmanship to all, whether you are building your dream home or simply remodelling a bathroom. 

The services we provide are for both the residential and commercial market. We have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in this traditional industry, as well as a full portfolio that covers all construction types from stone, brick, lime and oak to name but a few. We are therefore able to take on wide-ranging projects that require a mixture of services and disciplines.

We can also advise on alternative solutions that could be less costly and take less time to complete without compromising on quality.

We list just a selection of our services here; hence, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.
You can either call us on
01538 371 605 or simply request a callback


Correspondence Address: 2 Newton Close
Correspondence Address: 2 Newton Close,
Correspondence Address: 2 Newton Close
Registered Office: The Firs, Sutherland
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